Meet the Board

Here are the ladies (and families) busy serving iFamily as the 2017-2018 Board of Directors:



President is Rachel Crumpley




Vice-President is Paula Taylor


My name is Paula Taylor and I’m the lucky wife of Cameron C. Taylor (16 years of bliss in October!). Being a good wife to him has come almost effortlessly on my part. On the other hand, trying to be a good mother to my three extremely diverse & lovable rug rats has taken an inordinate amount of work! I’m still trying to learn how to be a good mother and mentor to my children so homeschooling has been a way for me to immerse myself in my most important and challenging educational pursuit in life: parenting. We just entered year number five of homeschooling and although I still consider myself inept, I’m still plugging along each day, trying to figure things out with God’s help.

I’m loud, high energy and perpetually in motion (probably because I fall asleep if I sit still for too long!). I love Jesus, people and creating smiles, laughter and hope. Although I enjoy hosting large gatherings and feed off the energy of others, for me a perfect day would involve hours of reading, writing in my journal and working in the garden.

I consider myself one of the most blessed individuals on the planet and being part of this amazing organization has exponentially increased my blessedness!

Mentor Coordinator is Karami Crandall


Hi, I am Karami Crandall.  I have been married for 19 years to the Love of My Life, Kevin.  Parenting is our greatest love and challenge.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to raise 6 amazingly wonderful and unique children.  We live in Shelley with our 20 goats, 5 sheep, 4 chickens, 3 cats, a dog, and a tortoise. My passions are writing (journal, lists, books, poems), reading children’s books to my kids, cooking vegetables, geography, traveling, and family time.  I am learning how to garden (flowers and vegetables) and play the guitar.  I am a firm believer in budgeting (time and money), reading exceptional literature, and mud rooms.  I feel like homeschooling for me began the day our oldest son was born 18 years ago.  But, I am starting my 9th official year of homeschooling.  Every year is a new adventure and an opportunity to see God’s hand in the lives of my children.  I am happy to be able to serve as Mentor Coordinator at iFAMILY.


Secretary is Emily Ridley


Emily Ridley grew up back east in Connecticut. She majored in Biology at BYU and loved pretty much everything about it (except those nasty parasitic worms). After graduating, she married David and had three wonderful children. She has been homeschooling those same three children for over 9 years now, and still thinks it’s a good idea. She enjoys reading and reading some more, most things musical, photography, teaching, the ocean, ice cream, baseball, basketball, and a good laugh. She and her family are grateful to be a part of iFamily.

Treasurer is Jenny Grover