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Paying the Price of Greatness

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By:  Kami Harris The iFamily Leadership Academy mission is to grow scholars:  leaders who love learning and pay the price of greatness; leaders who embody a moral foundation of truth, virtue, compassion, courage, and voluntary sacrifice; leaders who positively impact their families and the world for good while fulfilling their personal mission. Irena Sendler was just an ordinary Polish Citizen who worked as a social services director in Warsaw.  During World War II, she, together with her underground network, rescued approximately 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto.  When she was discovered, she was taken to a prison and tortured daily in an attempt to...

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The Mentor’s Journey

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By: Liesl Vosika The Mentor’s Journey

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The Secret is in the Sauce

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By Sherida Slade We are a unique group of people, us homeschoolers.  We are willing to be different. We don’t avoid government educational institutions out of fear, we just know there is something better.  We are willing to forego the easy path, and have chosen something more.  Something that helps us develop and polish personal relationships in our families. Something that allows us to instill in our children’s hearts a love of God, family, and country. In the end, we just want our children to live happy lives. With this overall goal in mind, it is key for each of us to recognize that the skill of “being happy” depends on our level of...

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2017 Letter from the Board to the Membership on Respect

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Dear Members, As we get ready to begin a new semester, we (your iFamily board) would like to remind you of our theme for the year: RESPECT!  We would like to draw your attention to three particular areas of respect that need special consideration. First, we want to remind you that while iFamily’s vision is about shared leadership educational experiences based on a Godly foundation, our members come from various faiths and religious and non-religious backgrounds.  Because we live in Southeastern Idaho, the majority of our iFamily members are LDS.  The opportunity to associate with those who come from diverse backgrounds is limited.  For iFamily, we meet in a church...

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When Life Gets in the Way

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By:  Cathy Lind New baby.  Change in employment. Move to a new location. Death.  Additional responsibilities. Sickness.  Holidays.  Vacation. All of these things add to our life.  Some of these things are new and exciting, possibly filled with adventure.  Some of these things do the opposite, bringing sadness or suffering.  We will face some or all of these obstacles in our life.  Regardless of the joy or sadness they bring, they become an extra burden that we must carry.  This burden we carry can become overwhelming.  So much so, that everyday responsibilities can fall by the wayside.  Dinner becomes frozen pizza or take out, or in my case, cold cereal....

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The Hope of the Season

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By: Alicia McCracken I love this time of year. I love the lights, parties, music, stories, and time with family. The holidays are a chance for learning and reflection. Thanksgiving is a time to ponder our greatest blessings and where they come from. Christmas is the chance to reflect on our true source of hope and love, Jesus Christ. Then New Year’s, when we recognize what we need to do better, and move forward trying to be a little better than we were the year before. As a home schooling mom I feel very often that my best efforts never measure up to my intentions. I have a stack of curriculum that haunts me because there is never enough time in a day. I have a...

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