Spring Semester 2018

 ***Registration is closed to new members (new member = families that haven’t paid and registered as associate or full members before April 18, 2016) at this time.  You may still register as an Associate Member.  Associate Members will be  given preference if uncapping occurs.***

For more information read our Capping Policy.

Check out our sister group Compass Family Cooperative.

***If you haven’t already, please read “Helpful Information” to be sure this is a good fit for your family**

Preparations for Spring Semester 2018 are already underway. Here is the information you will need:

Important Dates
• December 11th- Member Registration begins-*Fees due at the time of registration* (Fees are $65 this semester.) You will receive $20 back after fulfilling cleaning assignments.)
• Monday, January 8, 2018 @ 8:00 a.m. – Class Application (This is when you email Mentors to apply for classes.)
• January 24, 2018- First day of classes

We understand that situations change, you may apply for a refund in the first two weeks of the semester if you decide not to attend.  You will need to complete this form, and as soon as we verify you are not attending you will be issued a refund.

**Be sure to complete or plan for all steps and additional responsibilities that qualify your family as members in good standing.**

Step 1: Register (Begins on December 11th)

• Register by completing the Membership Agreement Form and paying the $65 Member Fee. Registration opens December 11th.  After you register, you will be given the password to access the full class pages to apply for classes on January 8th.

Register and complete payment (You will receive a notification containing the password as soon as the form is completed)

Step 2: Apply for Classes on Monday, January 8th @ 8:00 a.m

We ask that Mentors not accept class application emails before this time.  Mentors will accept students based on the emails they receive.  You can find registration information for each Mom School on the individual class pages, which are linked on the classes page. Each Mentor collects fees for and manages their own class.  It is important that you have your classes picked out and your emails ready to send right at 8:00 a.m, classes fill up fast.