iFamily Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council is to create a synergistic iFamily youth group (iTeens), for all youth ages *12 and up, that embodies the principles found in a Leadership Education and supports the vision and mission of iFamily Leadership Academy to grow scholars and develop leaders.  iFamily Student Council is created with the idea of accomplishing the following goals for iFamily youth:

  1. To meet together for regular activities (monthly when possible) that build cohesion and unity in leadership education.
  2. To educate the iFamily youth on what a scholar education looks like including an understanding of the scholarship ladders.
  3. To encourage leadership among our youth.
  4. To encourage positive peer pressure to do meaningful and challenging things.

This objective and these goals will be accomplished by committed students willing to serve one year terms on the iFamily Student Council led by an adult Student Council Advisor who serves for two years.  Other adult mentors may be asked to serve as needed. In order to meet these goals, the student council is encouraged to include activities such as: book discussions, guest speakers, service activities, and uplifting and wholesome social activities.  Activities should be held on a regular basis (monthly) as seen fit by the student council and adult advisors. Regular planning meetings should be held to facilitate the organization of these activities. The adult Student Council Advisor and other adult mentors may desire to organize leadership training for the student council to promote cohesion and gain additional leadership skills.

Duties of the Student Council:

Students chosen to serve on the student council should be 14+ and exemplify leadership education in their own life and lead out among their peers. They are encouraged to  call upon other iFamily youth for ideas and utilize them to help carry out activities. They are also required to advertise to the iFamily youth and create interest in the activities planned.  They should utilize the iTeen Yahoo group for communication and may also desire to create a blog or other means of communication.  They need to work with the adult Student Council Advisor in keeping an accurate budget and communicate this regularly with the iFamily Treasurer. The Student Council Advisor should work with the iFamily Secretary to make sure the iTeen Yahoo Group is updated on a regular basis.

Selection of Adult Student Council Advisor:

In February (every other year), the President of iFamily will call for nominations for a Student Council Advisor.  The current iFamily board will approve a new Student Council Advisor in March.

Selection of Student Council:

In March, the Student Council Advisor will ask for nominations from the membership for a new student council.  The Student Council Advisor will use these nominations as well as information gained from counseling with other adults and youth in finding youth that fit the goals of iTeens.  In April, the Student Council Advisor will select youth to serve on the student council.

*To attend dances, youth must be 14 or older.