Mentor Forms and Info

iFamily is an organization of Mom Schools—classes created by inspired moms, dads, or youth to teach information or skills that they are passionate about sharing.

Mom Schools may be comprised of either: 1) one lead mentor, 2) a lead mentor and assistant mentor(s), or 3) youth mentor(s) and their responsible adult. Each class must have an adult lead mentor or youth lead mentor with a responsible adult.

In order to mentor or assist in mentoring a class or classes at iFamily you must:

1. Submit a Mom School Proposal for each class you want to teach. The lead adult or youth mentor does this.

2. Join iFamily. The lead adult or youth mentor must register and be a Full Member of iFamily. Co-mentors or Assistant mentors must register and be an Associate Member of iFamily. Mentors may pass this membership fee on to their class members.

3. Fill out a Mentor Agreement or Youth Mentor Agreement (youths also see #5); this includes lead mentors and assistant mentors and youth mentors.

4. If you are a lead adult mentor, you must take the Introduction to iFamily Class. Beginning in Fall 2016, it will be required that all Lead Mentors take the Intro to iFamily class before mentoring at iFamily.  (If you are new to iFamily, in order to mentor, you are required to take the Intro. class the semester you are mentoring.)

5. Youth Mentors are required to fill out the Youth Mentor Agreement with a parent or responsible adult. After the class is officially accepted by the board, it is also required that the responsible adult fill out the Youth Mentor Responsible Adult Agreement. The responsible adult oversees the class the entire semester. You are responsible for making sure the youth mentoring the class is doing so according to the guidelines laid out on the Youth Mentor Agreement.

6. Send a square cropped head shot photo of EACH mentor sent to the board at to include on our website.

Take a look at our Mom School Guidelines to help you plan your class.  More information on the process of becoming a Mentor can be found here.

We are so grateful for the many great Mentors that we have at iFamily.