Important Member Responsibilities

  • Pay the non-refundable Membership and Building Fees for the current semester by the dates specified by the board.
  • Join the yahoo group at ( when you receive the invitation,this is the primary form of communication to the members.
  • Do your best to attend parent meetings.
  • Take the Intro to iFamily class in the first year you attend.
  • Pay all class fees for Mom Schools your family enrolls in.
  • Fulfill your cleaning responsibilities as specified by the Board of Directors (The privilege of staying at our current location depends upon our members taking their turn to clean and monitor.)**Sign ups are usually available at our table as soon as classes start, and you’ll want to watch for updates and reminders on our Yahoo Group as well.**  Cleaning starts after classes. and this semester it starts at 4:40 p.m.   You will need to go to the hallway right in front of room A-5 to pick up a cleaning tote with the cleaning supplies and instructions for the rooms you clean. When you are done a Board Member will check your work, and give you $20.
  • Ensure that your children under the age of 15 have adult supervision when they are not attending a class.
  • Respond to all communication in a respectful and timely fashion.
  • Fulfill hall and outside monitoring duties as specified by the Board of Directors
  • Fulfill all other membership requirements.
  • Abide by the Building Use Guidelines of Christ Community Church.  You can read them here.