Yahoo Group

Once you’ve filled out the appropriate Membership form (this includes Associate Members) and paid your fees, you will need to join our Yahoo group.  You will need a Yahoo ID or a yahoo account if you don’t already have one.  To do this you will go to and sign up. You may follow this link, or just go to, click on Sign in, and then click on “Create A New Account.” Once you have done this you can edit your profile and link it up with your current email (i.e.  When you submitted your Membership Agreement Form or Associate Member Agreement Form, you let us know what email to use to invite you to the group. When you receive your invitation via email, you will need to accept it and you’re good to go.

You may also want to adjust your Message Subscription.  You can do this by logging in to and then clicking on Groups, on the left under your groups you’ll see Manage Groups.  Click on it and you’ll be able to adjust how you receive messages (Daily Digest or Individual Emails).

If you stop receiving emails from the group, check to make sure that it isn’t in your spam folder.  If that all checks out, you may have let your membership lapse.   We do our best to give plenty of warning before we remove you.

To send messages to the group from your email, you will type an email as usual and the recipient will be

Good luck!  Contact us if you need help.