Mom School Proposal

  • This is the mentor with whom the Board will primarily correspond.
  • Tell us about yourself! This bio will be placed on the website so prospective students can find out about you.
  • Please upload a photo of yourself for the website. If you have co-mentor(s), upload a photo for each.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • This is how you want your class identified; it can be something simple like, “knitting,” or something else, like “Math Alive”)
  • What is your vision for this class? What are you trying to inspire in your students? What personal characteristics will be exemplified, taught, and encouraged? (i.e. virtue, compassion, wisdom, courage, diplomacy, ability to inspire greatness in others, ability to move the cause of liberty)
  • What phase is this class designed for? How in-depth will the class be? If you are unsure, please ask a board member to help you.
  • What ages is the class designed for (and any other guidelines as to who would be best to take the class)? Is anyone allowed in this class other than this age group and how will this be determined? For instance, will mothers be allowed to take the class? Are there additional requirements if they do? (This part is talking about those allowed to enroll in the class; parents should be allowed to visit whenever they feel a need.)
  • What skills and abilities will be taught? (See descriptions of each phase for guidelines).
  • How will your mission, vision, or any skills and abilities be taught? (i.e. group discussion, lecture, testing, simulation, field experience, tutorial, coaching). What classics will be used - by the students and by the mentor?
  • Include the estimated number of hours of outside work, specific books to be read, description of big projects required, field trips, participation, etc. Please keep in mind the TJEd model and your target phase. For Core classes, there would be no outside work; Love of Learning, only minimal outside work; Scholar classes are variable depending on which level it is directed toward. Love of Learning, Transition to Scholar, and Practice Scholar classes all should have a level of opt in/out included in inspirements/outside work. How will the students, parents, and mentor know that the expectations are met? (i.e. memorization, final project, papers, other projects). Will there be a reward ceremony, certificate given, etc.? Do you have a behavior policy for students who may be causing disruptions to the class? In general, we expect students to come to class on time, stay the whole time, and show respect to you and their classmates. Every class at iFamily should have a high standard of respect and be teaching leadership on some level. Because this is your class, you are free to have more specific classroom expectations or rules in place. Have you thought through consequences/loss of privileges for students who are not meeting your behavioral expectations? For example, if a student is continually being disruptive, will they be asked to leave? Please outline this here so parents/students can clearly understand your expectations for the class.
  • Are parents expected to make any contributions? What follow up do you expect from parents about homework? Are parents expected to send anything with their children? Clear communication between parents and mentors helps everyone to better understand expectations/requirements and lessens frustration.
  • Include tuition which will be paid to the mentor as well as any other costs which will be incurred during the class, such as supplies, books, field trips, costumes, etc. which might be necessary during the course of the class.
  • Are refunds an option? Is there a point in the semester that refunds will no longer be issued? Are refunds dependent on filling the seat? Do you have supply costs that will be nonrefundable? What are the refund requirements?
  • The minimum and maximum number of students you will need/accept.
  • Most class applications are conducted via email. No one will be admitted to a class until Class Application Day. On that day, what information would you like included in their email or subject line? What email address will you use? Do parents/students need to initiate a conversation beforehand to better understand if this class is a good fit?
  • How long will each class period need to be (usually 50 minutes for Core and Love of Learning classes, 50 minutes or 1 hour & 50 minutes for Transition to Scholar & Practice Scholar and 1 hour & 50 minutes for other Scholar classes).
  • This is the "ad" for your class to get people interested in clicking on your class page to read more. This will be all the information available to members until they are registered and receive the member password to access your class information page.
  • What special things do you need in your room to accommodate your class? A sink? Large space? White board? Is there a time your class must be held? A time it must not be held? A preference? Or are you open to a variety of options?
  • This is the email address for all correspondence from the Board. It needs to be an email address checked regularly.
  • What is inspiring you to mentor this class this semester/year? This answer will not be posted on the website and is only for the use of the Board should their be more classes than the schedule can accommodate. Sometimes insider information lightens the load and gives us insight to make better decisions for our membership.
  • If you are unable to teach a class at some point during the semester, are you prepared to have your class go on without you? Would you like parents to volunteer as possible substitutes in your absence? Will you have lesson plans available for them? What are your expectations for a possible substitute?