The Board of Directors has general duties which all five members carry out.

General Duties of the Board of Directors:

  • Be iFamily Members in good standing.
  • Promote the Vision and Mission of iFamily Leadership Academy.
  • Create and manage policies and procedures as needed.
  • Make monetary decisions. (e. g. spending, building fee and membership
  • fees).
  • Approve Members.
  • Review and approve Class Proposals and iFamily curriculum.
  • Produce annual Mentor Training Retreats, as needed.
  • Create a calendar of regular Member Meetings at the beginning of each
  • school year.
  • Create and manage committees as needed.
  • Supervise the Student Council.

In addition, each member of the board has specific duties.


  • Handle receipt and disbursement of funds, including approved reimbursements of iFamily expenses incurred by members.
  • Maintain accurate records of all financial transactions involving iFamily Leadership Academy.
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements.
  • Create and maintain budgets as directed by the Board.
  • Prepare and give a financial report for each Board meeting.