What is a Mom School?

A Mom School is a club, group activity, or class created by a mom (although there can certainly be Dad Schools and Youth Schools!) as she assesses the needs of her children, family, and community. It is often said she creates it for her children and then invites others to join in with them. Mom Schools are optimally run when someone is passionate, inspired, and dedicated to the growth of each of their participants.

The Mom Schools at iFamily Leadership Academy are created and owned by approved Class Mentors who seek to fulfill the Vision and Mission of iFamily.

Mom Schools are the foundation of iFamily. The board does not seek mentors to teach our students. Conversely, mentors submit Mom School Proposals[NEED PAGE AND LINK] to the board and are then approved or denied based on scheduling needs, mentor skills, and ability to create excellence in the classroom.

For more information about Mom Schools, read Chapter 6 of A Thomas Jefferson Home Companion.