Capping Policy and Registration Procedure

iFamily Membership Capping Policy 

iFamily membership numbers have  increased every year since iFamily was formed in 2010. We started with 37 families. We now many many more families! Growing pains are being felt by all. Class-size is large. As a board and membership, attempts have been made to deal with growing numbers without having to cap including seeking permission from CCC for a second day of iFamily and seeking for other viable locations.  More and more youth are turned away because classes are full.  In an effort to ensure quality and availability of classes to the membership, the Board has decided to cap iFamily membership–effective immediately on this day April 18, 2016.

As of Fall Semester 2016, only previous members of iFamily will be allowed to register for Full membership and participate in classes. This includes current Spring 2016 membership and any past membership of iFamily, be it Full Member or Associate Member families. No new families will be accepted as Full members for the Fall of 2016. New families may register as Associate Members. When un-capping occurs, Associate Members will be given preference.

Lifting the cap and allowing new members into our organization is at the discretion of the iFamily Board.

July 8, 2019

The iFamily Board has voted to replace the Uncapping Procedure with a new Registration Procedure to be put into effect immediately.

It is our hope that this new procedure will allow us to accommodate more associate members who desire membership in the iFamily organization, while honoring current iFamily membership and space limitations at Christ Community Church.

The new procedure is as follows:

Registration Procedure

The iFamily Board has carefully evaluated the organization’s needs and abilities to accommodate the membership. iFamily Membership will continue to be capped. However, in order to keep iFamily a fiscally healthy organization with a thriving membership, we have determined an iFamily Member registration target range of 75-85 on-campus families per semester. 

If the minimum target range of 75 families is not met at the end of the current iFamily Member registration period, current associate members will be eligible to register as iFamily Members, not to exceed the minimum target registration unless otherwise determined by the Board.

  1. The iFamily Board will notify the membership of iFamily Member Registration dates via the iFamily Leadership Academy Facebook Group and the iFamily calendar on
  2. iFamily Members will be given a period of time specified by the board to complete registration and pay associated registration fees for the current semester.
  3. At the completion of the registration period for iFamily Members, the Board will evaluate the number of registrants and will determine whether a second registration period will be held to invite eligible Associate Members to become iFamily Members in order to meet the minimum target. 
  4. Associate Members will be notified via the Facebook group about open spaces for new membership.
  5. Eligible Associate Members interested in becoming iFamily Members will then have a specified amount of time to email the Board to request membership registration. The email should include answers to these questions:  How long have you been an Associate Member of iFamily? Why would you like to be a member of iFamily Leadership Academy? What else would you like the Board to know?
  6. The Board will evaluate membership requests based upon those who have been Associate Members longest and desire to invest in the organization. If the board is unable to determine these factors from email requests, candidates will be placed in a lottery pool and randomly drawn for available membership. No special consideration or exceptions will be given to particular friends of iFamily Members or Board Members. The Board will extend an email invitation for membership with a link to register.
  7. Registration forms must be complete and fees paid by a date specified by the Board.
  8. New iFamily Members will be eligible to apply for classes on the initial class application day.

The registration target range is at the complete discretion of the board. The Registration Procedure will in no way affect registration or position of current iFamily Members in good standing.