Christ Community Church Building Usage

  1. In facility and on grounds, children under the age of 15 shall be attended by an adult at all times,
  2. No children in the parking areas unless going to or from a vehicle
  3. No pets in the building except service animals per Pet Policy.
  4. No climbing on trees, fences, walls, etc.
  5. No playing in flower beds.
  6. No rock throwing or rocks on lawn.
  7. No scooters, roller blades, bicycles, or wheeled toys in the building.
  8. No children in MP room unless participating in class. If MP room is used - no children on stage unless by agreement. No climbing on stacks of chair.
  9. Ladies lounge area and nursery are off limits unless covered by agreement.
  10. Maintain reasonable noise level in the building.
  11. Users should read and understand the fire exit plans posted in each room.
  12. Users shall read and understand the emergency plan posted in each room.
  13. Users will exhibit proper and respectful use of rooms, furniture, and equipment including doors and windows.
  14. No children are allowed in or near the irrigation ditch on the west boundary of the property.
  15. User(s) will pay for damages to the facility or furniture.
  16. No kitchen use of access unless specific in Facility Use Agreement.
  17. User will sign Hold Harmless Agreement and have insurance for activity, if required by Facility Use Agreement.
  18. For non-CCC sponsored use (e.g. weddings, private parties, graduation, meetings), we will always charge a minimum $25 fee to cover administrative time.
  19. No alcohol on premises, no smoking in building.