Continuous Membership Policy

In order to continue relationships and keep track of current iFamily Membership, moving forward iFamily Members who wish to take a sabbatical, or period of rest, must register for an iFamily Member Sabbatical and pay $10/year. Members on sabbatical continue communication, connection and off-campus participation within the iFamily and iTeen communities while they take semesters or years away from iFamily Membership.

An iFamily Member on Sabbatical retains all privileges of an iFamily Member in good standing and may choose to register during any future iFamily Member registration.

***Current iFamily Members who choose not to register for the iFamily Member Sabbatical and pay $10/year will forfeit their iFamily Membership.

***Any former iFamily Members prior to the Fall of 2019 may come back and register at any time and the new policy will apply once they resume their iFamily Membership.

Register for the iFamily Member Sabbatical here.