iFamily member registration fees cover the rent of our facility and other administrative costs like our website hosting and maintenance. Class fees are determined solely by the mentor based on a free market system.


Class levels are based on the Thomas Jefferson Education Phases of Learning. Core Phase (ages birth – 8 yrs), Love of Learning Phase (8 yrs – 12 yrs), and Scholar Phase (12 yrs – 18 yrs). Ages are approximations and may vary individually by several years. Multi-age and Adult classes are also offered.


Classes are taught by parent mentors and are held Wednesdays at Christ Community Church in Idaho Falls. The schedule is subject to change. Take care to double-check before class application day.


Class applications are done by emailing individual class mentors. Email addresses and the mentors' requested information can be found in the class descriptions and will become visible upon your approved registration.

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ACT2 is our intermediate acting class. We are passionate about nurturing growth in young people through the theater arts! In putting on a play, students learn leadership and communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal), teamwork, and perseverance (seeing a task through to its conclusion). These skills are so important to success in everyday life as well as on stage. Come join us for some fun and hard work in the theater arts!



ACTivate is our advanced theater class, designed for older scholars. We are passionate about nurturing growth in young people through the theater arts! Students learn leadership through public speaking, teamwork, and seeing a task through to its conclusion. Communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal) are crucial, not just on stage but in everyday life. We’ll learn by doing and through mentor-, self- and peer-evaluation. We will be performing our play early in the Spring semester (February). We’ll also focus on improving our acting, public speaking and directing skills using impromptu speaking games, acting craft exercises, scene study and character exploration. After our spring production, we’ll prepare some monologues or short plays to perform at our end of year celebration. Come join us for some hard work and tremendous fun in ACTivate!


Animal Farm Extravaganza! — Are we Puppies, Pigs, Horses…..or Heroes?

'Animal Farm' - what a fun book, with BIG ideas that are so applicable today! Talking animals who rebel against their humans with intrigue, strategy while showing us the path to loss of freedom!!! Who wants to dive into activities and a group discussion of this freedom classic?? We will be reading the book in class while doing some riotously fun activities (think games, role plays, and maybe some crafting type things) to go along with our discussion and of course, deeply discussing what we are reading. I also plan as a class to write and act out an alternate ending to the book, making this broken book into a whole/healing story. The 3 phases of socialism and 21 steps societies go through in a transition from freedom to socialism and communism (as I recently learned in a convention by Oliver DeMille) will be taught and identified as we read. We'll also chat about and do activities around: - If Animal Farm is less OR more 'broken' than our society today? How it's dissimilar/similar? - How do the different characters in Animal Farm feel about faith, family and freedom? - How is religion viewed? - Is there equal freedom and tolerance for all belief systems, religions and ideas? What wins out? Why? and How does it win? - How are things like our modern day media used? How are the characters manipulated by their 'media'? We'll also talk a LOT about what can be done so freedom wins. (Hint - mostly, it's realizing you have a life mission, preparing to uncover what that is and preparing to give your heart and soul to it. When people are living their mission good and great things happen in little and big ways, and when good and great things are happening the opponents to freedom lose their momentum and ammunition!) We'll do activities like personality tests and games that can help kids see where their strengths lie and what area their life mission may be in so they can prepare to be the no-longer missing heroes in the Animal Farm story of today .


Beat It!

Join the fun and come on a journey of musical exploration. We'll start with a simple beat, add some catchy rhythms, a little harmony, and crescendo our way to a new and exciting understanding of music and how it's created! Clap your hands, stomp your feet, come join the fun and Beat It!


Biblical Studies

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints and Biblical Christians share a passion for the Word of God. However, there are some interesting differences when the Bible is studied using only original manuscripts, original language, and a narrow scope of interpretation based upon historicity and context. In this class, we will take a bold look at the Bible as an historical document and work to uncover its meaning within its own context (the fancy word is hermeneutics). As we walk together on this journey, we will discover meanings that we share. We will also discover some things upon which we disagree. Both are equally valid and important. By confidently leaning into our differences and similarities, we can create a healthy environment that will build trust, produce growth, and develop friendships that transcend religion. And that is a beautiful thing!


Blender 101, Introduction to 3D

Hello there Ifamily Parents and Students, my name is Danny Sasser and I will be teaching “Blender 101, an introduction to 3D” (a more customized and interesting version of this description can be found here: ) For anybody unfamiliar with 3D artwork and animation, it is the practice of creating an object, character, or scene, in a three dimensional environment, and bringing it to life with movements, shapes, lighting and much more, when thinking about 3D work, think Pixar movie but on a smaller scale. I do all of my work in a program called "Blender 3D" and that is what I will be teaching this class about. Blender 3D is a free open source program that has been developed over the course of the last 18 years as a 3D modeling, animating, and texturing environment for artists. It can be a rather daunting task to start on 3D art as a hobby, so I will be taking Students through all the basics of 3D modeling, texturing, and animating to the point where they can competently call themselves a 3D artist (If they stick with the art that is)


Budgets and Business (iFamily Market)

Set a goal, create a budget, build a business plan, market your goods/service, advertise, and make some money. This semester you will learn the key elements of managing money, sticking to a budget, and entrepreneurship. We will cover principles from Dave Ramsey and implement class business plans in an end of the semester "Famers Market/Swap Meet."


Chess Club

Come play chess!


Cool Continents

Come learn about all the cool continents of the world! We'll spend a week or two on each of the seven continents learning all sorts of cool things and doing crafts, eating snacks and doing activities to go along with our world adventures!


Debate- The Civil War Edition

Debate is back.... with an emphasis. This semester we will debate the major topics surrounding the American Civil War. What were the major issues? What roles did Lincoln espouse as president and were they constitutional? Was reconstruction done in fairness and according to American law? Did it bring healing or greater crisis to a nation divided? This semester our debate class will be given material in the form of a "Civil War Brief", additionally we'll read 3 books, watch movies and documentaries, from which each class team will create a Pro and a Neg case around. Students will come to class each week not knowing which side they will be asked to debate/defend. Get to know how to debate important topics, study the life, character and presidency of Abraham Lincoln, look at the division of our great country during the time of the Civil War and learn to present your topic cases critically and logically from both sides of the issue.


Eden Energy Medicine

Donna Eden is a world-famous, incredibly joyful spokesperson for Energy Medicine. This class is an introduction to her work, teaching how to balance your energy systems to bring more health and vitality. Some of the topics covered will be: the daily energy routine--a quick, simple, but powerful way to keep yourself balanced energetically, energy medicine techniques for stress, for pain, and hormones, as well as a few classes on energy medicine tips for weight loss. It's incredibly empowering, to learn simple exercises that are free, have no negative side-effects, and yet can be life-changing for you and your loved ones.



Popular with liberal arts scholars since 300BC, when the famous Greek mathematician collected these elegant proofs, studying Euclid's Elements is truly a time-honored way to learn to think logically, Join us for a self-paced journey from the very first proposition--how to create an equilateral triangle and then prove that it is truly equilateral--and continue on towards the culminating proof of Book I: proving the Pythagorean Theorem.


Explore Idaho

Get ready to traverse through the great state of Idaho. Join us as we learn about the history of our beautiful state, the diverse landscape we are surrounded by and some of the amazing people and groups who have lived here. Come learn to love the state you are blessed to live in!


French 101 (Beginners)

Come and learn the basics of the French Language and some fun facts about France!


French 201 (Intermediate)

Come and continue to learn French with me!


Heart Time for Moms

Moms, let's meet together and enrich each other's lives. One mom will bring a healthy snack/treat to share with our class. Another mom will give a 10 min presentation on something about her home school, home management, or family routines. Including lessons she has learned, what has worked best for her family, etc. (Sort of a home school convention type mini talk) We will be able to ask questions if desired. Then we will discuss a topic from the Well-Educated Heart "Mother's University" Each week we will strengthen and learn from each other, discuss ideas about how to be successful with our home school and nurture our children's hearts.



Shakespeare take 2 or i-Shakespeare


Idaho History

Let's learn everything about Idaho! From our geography to government to history and influential Idahoans to current events, we will come to know the great state in which we live and the people and land that make it that way.


In Tune (Mixed Choir)

Get ready to take your singing to the next level! This choir class will be full of singing and fun as we explore the full range of your vocal abilities. You'll learn how to care for your "instrument" and get the best sound you can from it, how to read all those notes and lines on the page, and how to blend with others for a harmonious sound! Whether you like to solo or hide in the choir there is a spot for you! We will be performing at the iFamily Showcase.


Key of Liberty

Key of Liberty is an inspirational two semester course that allows students to take an in- depth look into the settling and founding of our nation as well as the inner working of our Representative Republican form of government. This will be done through simulations (in and out of class), interactive discussions, colloquium, presentations, writing, field trips, service projects, and games. Students will come to understand their responsibility to America and freedom, why a moral people are required for good government, what are their God-given rights, the proper role of government, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution in depth, the different types of government, God’s hand in the development of our nation, and how to be leaders that protect and move the cause of freedom. Students will study the lives of many of the influential men and women of the colonial period, revolutionary era, and early republic. Students will understand the importance of getting a great education, having public and private virtue, and knowing they have a personal mission to fulfill.


Lego Masters (Love of Learning)

Legos! Each week we will create a problem for the students to solve out of legos!


Lego Masters Core

Lego Masters is for those kids who love to build with Legos! We will come up with a challenge each week. We will also show them different techniques with building with legos. We will stretch their minds and help them create things they never thought they could create! There will be also be prizes given! Come and build with us!


Music & Movement

Music & Movement takes core kids on musical classroom adventures while moving their bodies! We go on bear hunts, learn the numbers on a clock, rhythm songs, the names of continents, days of the week, the Jump Jim Joe dance and more. We sing, we dance, we read, we learn. And we have a whole bunch of fun.


Nature Study

Come enjoy a weekly walk into the wonderful world of nature study. We will be outside every week. We carefully observe, sketch in our nature journals, play, sing, and learn about this beautiful world that God has created. We will watch our "class tree" and see how it changes throughout the seasons. We will have visits from interesting animals. We will learn to notice tiny details. Weekly topics will include: insects, seeds, wind, sun, water, animals, leaves, and more. We will have many hands on activities that will foster an appreciation for the outdoors that can last a lifetime. “Children should be encouraged to watch, patiently and quietly, until they learn something of the habits and history of bee, ant, wasp, spider, hairy caterpillar, dragon-fly, and whatever of larger growth comes in their way...This is all play to the children, but the mother is doing invaluable work; she is training their powers of observation and expression, increasing their vocabulary and their range of ideas by giving them the name and the uses of an object at the right moment,–when they ask, ‘What is it?’ and ‘What is it for?'” - Charlotte Mason


New Horizons Choir

For those of you who love to sing parts and perform, this is the class for you. This is a 12 member audition choir that will rehearse at ifamily and one other day per week. This semester we will be doing mostly Christmas music as we prepare to perform for the Festival of Trees in November. This is a great experience!


Old Testament Stories

Water coming out of rocks, bread falling from heaven, talking donkeys, fiery serpents who kill people, an army that wins a battle by the prophet keeping his arms raised up in the air, a king who goes crazy and lives with animals & eats grass for 7 years, city walls that fall down after you walk around the them 7 times and then blow your trumpets, and bears that attack young men after they make fun of the prophet. The Old Testament is filled with wild, crazy, fun and miraculous stories. You may be familiar with some of these stories already, but I bet you haven't heard them all. Join me each week as we learn together about how absolutely amazing God is and the miraculous ways He has preserved His followers during Old Testament times and what that means for you today.



The joy of music and music education increases ten fold when it is shared! That is the reason for Orchestra. We are going to have a wonderful experience making music together. We hope you will join us!


Poetry Tea Time

Come learn about poets, limericks and rhymes You like what you hear in a short amount of time. We'll do writing of our own and laugh while we read Sip cider and eat other delectable treats. Sonnets and Cinquains can be from the heart All forms of poetry are a special kind of art.



Do you enjoy playing games with friends, solving puzzles and meeting new people. If so, this class is for you! Each week I will bring a plethora of games to class for you to choose from and your job as a student is to decide which games you want to try that week and who you want to play them with. I have games that help improve your memory, games with tons of levels, games that involve strategy, and games that test your speed or dexterity. Join us for loads of fun, friendship and problem solving!


Sound Off!

Calling all wannabe (or used-to-be) string players! We'll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (I hope you heard Julie Andrews singing as you read that), and be playing along in no time at all. If you've ever wanted to learn (or if you want to brush up) this is the class for you. Get your instrument ready and come Sound Off!


Sword of Freedom

Did you love Key of Liberty? Then, you will love Sword of Freedom! Get ready to join the North and South as we delve into one of the most interesting periods of our nation’s history: the Civil War Era and Reconstruction--where brother fought against brother and our nation was nearly torn apart. In this class, Practice Scholar students will learn the character traits of great statesmen and see how our nation's founding principles were tested, sifted, and refined. Students who choose to meet the requirements to earn the award for this class will be presented with a full-scale replica of a Civil War Sword.


The Light Course: Shedding light on Emotional Peace for Moms

For so many moms, discovering the recipe for real, lasting, emotional peace is illusive. We want fun and connection in our relationships. We want to know the truth about what is happening when we (or our kids) feel hi-jacked by our emotions and we yearn for more joy and ease in family life and in our mothering efforts. The Light Course is a 12 week program that illuminates the truths that govern each of these areas of family life and teaches the truth about lasting emotional peace. It helps moms see the patterns they live, the beliefs that guide these patterns and how to see and then live consciously and in alignment with the recipe or pattern or real, emotional peace.


Well Educated Heart Group Class

We invite girls ages 10-14 to join us for a delightful weekly hour of learning, skills development, poetry, music, and art. We will follow the rotation of the Well-Educated Heart. ( Moms, this class is for the daughters of those who are aware of and wanting to follow the Well Educated Heart method of learning. Each mom will take one week to teach (or have a guest teach us) something from the current rotation schedule. Each week will look a little different. Maybe one week will be a poetry tea party, another week we will learn about rocks together. Perhaps a guest will teach us all about bees, we will spend time in music study, do an art project, make a recipe together, or learn a new handicraft together. We will include poetry, music, and art whenever possible.


Worldviews and YOU!

Competing worldviews are everywhere. They are propagated on the newsstands, played out at the United Nations, in the halls of Congress, and throughout our university system. When we consider the tug-of-war between and among worldviews that rages in America and around the world, we tend to think of the battle mostly in terms of political and ethical issues, but this battle for the minds and hearts of people encompasses much more than politics and ethics. It determines the way we think and act about theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, psychology, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history. This collection of convictions is what we call a worldview. It is the arena of worldviews that one of the greatest battles of our time is now being waged. Come and join us for an in-depth study of seven different worldviews: Secular Humanism, Marxism/Leninism, New Age Spirituality, Postmodernism, Islam, Christianity, and YOURS! We will be reading Understanding the Times, 2006 edition, studying current news articles, participating in frequent simulations, writing papers, learning to write a solid essay, and most importantly, helping each student discover what their own worldview is based on their Core Book(s) in each of those ten areas. This class will enable students to better understand the world around them and how they can find common ground with people of differing worldviews, which will greatly increase their ability to be effective and impact the world for good.