Animal Farm Extravaganza! -- Are we Puppies, Pigs, Horses.....or Heroes?

Description:'Animal Farm' - what a fun book, with BIG ideas that are so applicable today! Talking animals who rebel against their humans with intrigue, strategy while showing us the path to loss of freedom!!! Who wants to dive into activities and a group discussion of this freedom classic??

We will be reading the book in class while doing some riotously fun activities (think games, role plays, and maybe some crafting type things) to go along with our discussion and of course, deeply discussing what we are reading. I also plan as a class to write and act out an alternate ending to the book, making this broken book into a whole/healing story.

The 3 phases of socialism and 21 steps societies go through in a transition from freedom to socialism and communism (as I recently learned in a convention by Oliver DeMille) will be taught and identified as we read. We'll also chat about and do activities around:
- If Animal Farm is less OR more 'broken' than our society today? How it's dissimilar/similar?
- How do the different characters in Animal Farm feel about faith, family and freedom?
- How is religion viewed?
- Is there equal freedom and tolerance for all belief systems, religions and ideas? What wins out? Why? and How does it win?
- How are things like our modern day media used? How are the characters manipulated by their 'media'?

We'll also talk a LOT about what can be done so freedom wins. (Hint - mostly, it's realizing you have a life mission, preparing to uncover what that is and preparing to give your heart and soul to it. When people are living their mission good and great things happen in little and big ways, and when good and great things are happening the opponents to freedom lose their momentum and ammunition!) We'll do activities like personality tests and games that can help kids see where their strengths lie and what area their life mission may be in so they can prepare to be the no-longer missing heroes in the Animal Farm story of today .

Phase. What phase is this class designed for? If you are unsure, please ask a board member. Love of Learning (Young Scholar)

Who is this class for?Target age: Old souled 9 year olds - young hearted 13 year olds. Class members need to have the attention span, maturity and respect to listen and comprehend while being read to, then with lots of help and leading if necessary be able to form their own thoughts and verbal comments ( no matter how short or simple). They also need to be young enough at heart they won't think silly role-plays, games, activities and crafts and dumb and beneath them. 🙂

Cost:$ 45

Mentor(s):Sarah Teichert

Mentor Bio(s):Hi, I'm Sarah. I love horses, chocolate and books!! My ideal day is riding my horse (that I don't actually have at this moment) to a quiet mountain stream with my backpack full of books and chocolate, reading and munching all day in the shade while my pony grazes and then riding home to spend the evening with my family. I LOVE, Love homeschooling and learning ( which is a great surprise to my 10-year-ago self) and am so grateful I get to rub shoulders with you all and your wonderful kids!

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