Description:  Welcome to the life of arthropods! This includes spiders, bees, ants, crustaceans and so much more! We will learn about how they help us as humans as well as their defense mechanisms and just everything about them! We will do crafts, run experiments, create diagrams and models, learn about their bodies and will finish up by dissecting a crustacean.

Phase: Love-Of-Learning

Who is this class for?  7-10

Cost:  $ 40

Mentor(s):  Michelle Hall (overseer)
Brooklyn Hall. (Mentor)
Mackenzie Hall (mentor)

Mentor Bio(s):  Brooklyn, 14, loves all things that move and crawl. She is an avid outdoor gal. She also loves music. She can dance and jive as well as play classical music on the piano.

Mackenzie, 13, loves life and all of the people in it. She is a natural nurturer and kids gravitate to her. She has a fierce competitive spirit as well. She is an accomplished level 8 gymnast. She loves the outdoors.

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