Beat It!

Description:Join the fun and come on a journey of musical exploration. We'll start with a simple beat, add some catchy rhythms, a little harmony, and crescendo our way to a new and exciting understanding of music and how it's created! Clap your hands, stomp your feet, come join the fun and Beat It!

Phase. What phase is this class designed for? If you are unsure, please ask a board member.Love-Of-Learning

Who is this class for?7-11 year-olds with little or no musical background

Cost:$ 15

Mentor(s):Heather Douglass

Mentor Bio(s):Hi, I'm Heather and I'm excited to be part of your learning experience at iFamily! I studied music at Ricks College and Utah State University where I earned a Bachelor of Music with an emphasis on Choral Education. I taught for 3 years at a public school and 1 year at a private boarding school for troubled youth before marrying my best friend, Matthew, and beginning our homeschooling journey. We have seven children; six you'll see at iFamily and one angel in heaven. I love my family, my faith, my friends, music mentoring, nature, reading, and how I feel when I run (not while I'm actually running, but how I feel in general when I run on a regular basis).

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