Biblical Studies

Description:Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints and Biblical Christians share a passion for the Word of God. However, there are some interesting differences when the Bible is studied using only original manuscripts, original language, and a narrow scope of interpretation based upon historicity and context. In this class, we will take a bold look at the Bible as an historical document and work to uncover its meaning within its own context (the fancy word is hermeneutics). As we walk together on this journey, we will discover meanings that we share. We will also discover some things upon which we disagree. Both are equally valid and important. By confidently leaning into our differences and similarities, we can create a healthy environment that will build trust, produce growth, and develop friendships that transcend religion. And that is a beautiful thing!

Phase. What phase is this class designed for? If you are unsure, please ask a board member.Adult

Who is this class for?Adults and Scholars who can confidently engage in discussion that may include points of disagreement without discord or defensiveness.

Cost:$ 30

Mentor(s):Trisha Randall

Mentor Bio(s):Trisha Randall adores her family, the written word, and Jesus. She has a degree in English Literature with a minor in Classical and Medieval Literature. She also studied biblical studies from She has taught Systematic Theology, Old and New Testament Studies, Women's Discipleship, as well as written and taught Bible studies for women. Her passion for reading (anything from the back of shampoo bottles to psychobabble) is matched only by her pleasure in teaching. She is always eager to find people willing to listen to her prattle.

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