Cool Continents

Description:Come learn about all the cool continents of the world! We'll spend a week or two on each of the seven continents learning all sorts of cool things and doing crafts, eating snacks and doing activities to go along with our world adventures!

Phase. What phase is this class designed for? If you are unsure, please ask a board member.Core

Who is this class for?Ages 5-7

Cost:$ 45

Mentor(s):Sarah Teichert

Mentor Bio(s):Hi, I'm Sarah. I love horses, chocolate and books!! My ideal day is riding my horse (that I don't actually have at this moment) to a quiet mountain stream with my backpack full of books and chocolate, reading and munching all day while my pony grazes and then riding home to spend the evening with my family. I LOVE, Love homeschooling and learning ( which is a great surprise to my 10-year-ago self) and am so grateful I get to rub shoulders with you all and your wonderful kids!

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