Debate- The Civil War Edition

Description:Debate is back.... with an emphasis. This semester we will debate the major topics surrounding the American Civil War. What were the major issues? What roles did Lincoln espouse as president and were they constitutional? Was reconstruction done in fairness and according to American law? Did it bring healing or greater crisis to a nation divided? This semester our debate class will be given material in the form of a "Civil War Brief", additionally we'll read 3 books, watch movies and documentaries, from which each class team will create a Pro and a Neg case around. Students will come to class each week not knowing which side they will be asked to debate/defend. Get to know how to debate important topics, study the life, character and presidency of Abraham Lincoln, look at the division of our great country during the time of the Civil War and learn to present your topic cases critically and logically from both sides of the issue.

Phase. What phase is this class designed for? If you are unsure, please ask a board member.Apprentice-Scholar

Who is this class for?Anyone age 13+ who is truly interested in learning these topics and willing to work hard in and out of class to create cases with their debate class team, is welcome. Desire and commitment are critical in this class.

Cost:$ 60

Mentor(s):Liz Simmons

Mentor Bio(s):Liz Simmons is a history junkie and life long debater, though not formally. 🙂 She has studied with state champ debate coach Margaret Oveson and is excited to continue the debate journey with her favorite, amazing youth at iFamily. Liz has 6 kids, 1 amazing husband, a burning love for Jesus and raw cheese cake. Her greatest joy is to learn and teach truth. And try to practicing living it. And napping.

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