Healthy Body, Happy Life!

Description:  You have an awesome mind and body. Learn how to take good care of it! We will learn how to eat healthy, exercise and practice good hygiene.

Phase:  Core

Who is this class for?  Children ages 5-9

Cost:  $ 30

Mentor(s):Kambria Andersen (lead)
Janel Andersen

Mentor Bio(s):  Hi! My name is Kambria, I’m 11 years old and I enjoy singing, dancing, and reading. I wanted to do this class is because teaching and sharing knowledge with others. And I love little kids and getting to know and spend time with them I find them funny and fun to be with.
I am the wife of McKay and the mother of 6 children whose names begin with K. But being the only person in my family without a K in my name doesn’t get me down. 😉 My parents named me Janel because my three older siblings had names beginning with JA and five letters. So my name is special as well – even without a K. I also have some special pinkies. They are crooked. I have homeschooled 5 of my children for the last 6 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in English education from Utah State with a minor in journalism and an associate’s degree in journalism from Ricks College. I really love to spend time with people who make me laugh.

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