I Can Write!

Description:  Do you want to become more proficient in the English language? Do you want to write better? We will work each week on becoming better spellers, learn to decode words, increase vocabulary, learn how to diagram sentences, discuss different writing enhancements, and present our papers each week. This class requires writing outside of the class and presenting it the following week. The student’s final paper and presentation will be on a hero in history. The student will be asked to dress up like the hero on the final day and an excerpt from their paper will be presented.

Phase:  Practice-Scholar

Who is this class for?  12-16. This is similar to what I taught in high school to 9th-11th grade classes. I will structure it to challenge all ages.

Cost:  $ 75

Mentor(s):  Michelle Hall

Mentor Bio(s):  Hello! I’m a homeschool Mom of 6 years to my 7 kids. I received my degree in teaching English and P.E. from Utah State. I love to learn! I also find great joy in gardening, nutrition, reading and the outdoors.

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