I Vote for Elections!

Description:  In November of this year, we are voting on a new president for our country. You may be too young to vote in the election, but you aren't too young to learn about how elections work in our country and how to help your mom and dad be informed voters! In this class we are going to be learning all about our amazing election process. By the time our country votes on a president in November, you'll know all about caucuses, colleges, campaigns, candidates, & conventions, as well platforms, polls and popular votes and political parties. You'll get hands on training on the election process as you take part in both our class candy bar elections as well as in helping run our own mock presidential polls at iFamily. You might end up liking this election business so much that you may even decide to take one of our class challenges and help a local leader in his/her campaign. I can't guarantee the outcome of November's elections, but I can guarantee that this class is going to be fun with a capital F! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity. Tell your parents that you vote to attend my "I Vote for Elections" class today!

Phase:  Transition-To-Scholar

Who is this class for?  Ages 11-15

Cost:  30

Mentor(s):  Paula Taylor

Mentor Bio(s):  My name is Paula Taylor and I’m the lucky wife of Cameron Taylor and mother to 3 fantastic children. I’m loud, high energy and perpetually in motion (probably because I fall asleep if I sit still for too long!). I love Jesus, people and creating smiles, laughter and hope. Although I enjoy hosting large gatherings and feed off the energy of others, for me a perfect day would involve hours of reading, writing in my journal and spending time outdoors.
I consider myself one of the most blessed individuals on the planet and being part of this amazing organization has exponentially increased my blessedness!

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