Intro to iFamily

Description:Intro to iFamily is exactly what it says it is, an Introduction to all things iFamily.

If you are new to iFamily Leadership Academy, this class is for you! In fact, the first 4 weeks of this class are mandatory and an important part of your membership please register for this class! We are excited to meet you, welcome you and get to know you.

If you are a returning/current member of iFamily and desire to connect with new and old friends this class is for you also. Come help us show our new members the ropes of iFamily!

After the first 4 weeks of class, we invite you to stay to discuss more in depth important iFamily topics. We will be discussing iFamily's Vision and Mission, the Standards of Moral Conduct, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures. We will talk about Thomas Jefferson Education's Phases of Education and what that looks like within the iFamily organization vs. what it might look like in our homes.

Phase: Adult

Who is this class for?  Although the first 4 weeks of this class is mandatory for new iFamily members, we invite members new and old for this 12 week class.

Cost:  $ 0

Mentor(s):  Jada Rhodes, Lead Mentor

Mentor Bio(s):  Welcome to iFamily! We are excited to get to know you. The 2020-2021 iFamily Board of Directors includes:
Jada Rhodes, President
Cathy Lind, Vice President
Sarah Teichert, Mentor Coordinator
Brittney Croft, Secretary
Lee Urling, Treasurer

Together, we manage iFamily Leadership Academy and conduct all the business for our organization including providing this class!

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