Key of Liberty

Description:Key of Liberty is an inspirational two semester course that allows students to take an in- depth look into the settling and founding of our nation as well as the inner working of our Representative Republican form of government. This will be done through simulations (in and out of class), interactive discussions, colloquium, presentations, writing, field trips, service projects, and games. Students will come to understand their responsibility to America and freedom, why a moral people are required for good government, what are their God-given rights, the proper role of government, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution in depth, the different types of government, God’s hand in the development of our nation, and how to be leaders that protect and move the cause of freedom. Students will study the lives of many of the influential men and women of the colonial period, revolutionary era, and early republic. Students will understand the importance of getting a great education, having public and private virtue, and knowing they have a personal mission to fulfill.

Phase. What phase is this class designed for? If you are unsure, please ask a board member.Practice-Scholar

Who is this class for?This class is specifically designed for students in Practice Scholar phase, but older students may also benefit. Ideally, this class is best taken after at least a year of another Practice Scholar class such as Shakespeare, but this is not required. Our target age range is 13-15.

Cost:$ 90 {$ 90 class fee each semester covers a binder for each student, classroom supplies, supplies for out of class activities, and awards (averaged cost over two semesters for shadow box & key/first semester award) and more than likely a framed picture of George Washington Crossing the Delaware/second semester award). *This does not include books used during the semester.}

Mentor(s):Amy Orme and Sariah Mackowiak

Mentor Bio(s):My name is Sariah and I am the wife/mother to six amazing children and a husband who loves adventure. Our family has been homeschooling for 8 years. Over the years we have learned that we do not cry over spilled milk and laughter heals most things. I am excited to explore the foundations and history of the United States of America with your child this year.

Hi! I’m Amy. I’ve been homeschooling my four not-so-smallish people for 10 years and love to learn along with them! Learning new stuff is my favorite, but I’m also all about sewing, reading, theatre, long walks over tall mountains, ice cream for breakfast, and cooking (but only because I really love eating).

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