Key of Liberty

Description:  Key of Liberty is an inspirational two semester course that allows students to take an in- depth look into the settling and founding of our nation as well as the inner working of our Republican form of government. This will be done through simulations (in and out of class), interactive discussions, colloquium, presentations, writing, field trips, and games. Students will come to understand their responsibility to America and freedom, why a moral people are required for good government, what are their God-given rights, the proper role of government, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution in depth, the different types of government, God’s hand in the development of our nation, and how to be leaders that protect and move the cause of freedom. Students will study the lives of many of the influential men and women of the colonial period, revolutionary era, and early republic. Students will understand the importance of getting a great education, having public and private virtue, and knowing they have a personal mission to fulfill.

Phase:  Practice-Scholar

Who is this class for?  13+ This class is specifically designed for students in Practice Scholar phase, but older students may also benefit. Ideally, this class is best taken after at least a year of another Practice Scholar class such as Shakespeare, but this is not required.

Cost:  $ 90

Mentor(s):  Kami Harris (Lead Mentor), Rachel Crumpley, Michelle Twede

Mentor Bio(s):  I am Kami Harris, wife of Dustin Harris and mother to four amazing children: CaRynn, Dallin, Carter, and Eli. I am passionate about following Jesus Christ, being a mother and wife, and MENTORING! I love principles of liberty and our Constitution and feel “called” to teach these principles to our future leaders. I graduated with a B.S. in Elementary Education, but since I’ve started home schooling, I’ve realized that I not only love teaching younger children, but LOVE mentoring Practice Scholar phase. It is so rewarding to see the transformation that comes about during this phase of learning. I served on the by-laws writing committee for iFamily and served as the President for two years. I have mentored lots of classes at iFamily–mostly Practice Scholar classes. I am eternally grateful for the community of friends I have gained through iFamily. I am blessed continually by your examples of strength and goodness. You inspire me every day to want to be better. I am thrilled to be mentoring Key of Liberty again!


I am Michelle Twede, a Utah native, but a happy Idaho transplant. I am married to my best friend Brent Twede who is super smart, hard working and just a great example and amazing person. We have nine wonderful children who we love and enjoy immensely. I majored in Visual Arts at BYU Provo and have taught many drawing and art classes throughout the years. I have always had a great interest in history and am excited for the opportunity to co-mentor Key of Liberty. I enjoy pretty much everything I make time to do, whether it is reading, teaching, gardening, making art or music, cooking, or having a nice visit with a friend. I love to learn new philosophies and ideas, make connections and improve my beliefs and behaviors. In short I love to seek for truth. I am a follower of Christ and look to Him for guidance and peace.


My name is Rachel Crumpley and I am a work in progress.  Homeschooling mother of 5, wife of the Most-Wonderful-Man-in-the-Universe, and passionate writer, I am a strong believer that corn dogs are an affront to human dignity.  But because I also believe in liberty, I completely support your right to consume them.  I also wholeheartedly embrace the notion that "all men are created equal," however all chocolate is not created equal.  Dark chocolate is decidedly superior and if it is combined with a good book and a comfortable chair, so much the better.  My own pursuit of happiness includes (but is not limited to) spending time with my family, enjoying the company of good friends and thinking deeply about Spiritual things.  I love teaching and look forward discussing the founding of our nation and the beauty of our God-given freedoms with you!

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