Description:  We had so much fun last fall playing kickball! It seemed to be a much needed outlet and I’d love to offer it again. This class is primarily for the students who are in our Nativity Pageant and need something to do for the first 6 weeks, although anyone is welcome.
Hope to see you on my team!

Phase:  Multi-Level

Who is this class for?  6-12

Cost:  10

Mentor(s):  Vanessa drake

Mentor Bio(s):  Hi! My name is Vanessa and I LOVE to learn. I especially love to learn about history, our Savior and His creations, and how to care for the amazing bodies God has given us. I collect books, fruit trees, ancestors on my family tree and nativities. Thus far I have one from Hawaii, Mexico, Jerusalem...and a couple probably made in China, hah! I have discovered through homeschooling my 7 children that I love to teach! I would love to have your children along on my learning adventures.

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