Music and Movement

Description:  Music and Movement is for core kids who will engage in the learning process through rhythm, song, chant and dance! We learn letter sounds and study animals and whatever else is connected to the songs we're singing to. I love watching little kids see themselves through the practice of self expression through singing and moving.

Phase:  Core

Who is this class for?  Ages 4-6

Cost:  $ 40

Mentor(s):  Liz Simmons

Mentor Bio(s):  Liz is a mama of 6, lover of circus peanuts and broiled veggies, and an aspiring comedian. She loves all things musical, learning 'bout everything, teaching, talking, and digging in the dirt. She has taught music and movement for years and has found it's such a fun way to show little kids to themselves! They just open up and play and sing and learn. She is a mega fan of iFamily and loves the support and associations with the beautiful people there.

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