Nativity Pageant

Description:  We want YOU to come be a part of ifamily's annual Nativity Pageant! Will you be cast as a humble shepherd, the noble donkey, an adorable little lamb, a majestic wise man, the inn keeper or beautiful Mary or gentle Joseph? Or maybe you'd prefer to be an angel or a camel or even the narrator. Perhaps you would want to paint sets or make props and costumes? There are so many jobs to be done and no job is too small when it comes to role playing the greatest birth story in history. We want little (and big) hearts to be touched with our testimonies of our glorious Savior's birth. To be performed on showcase night.

Phase:  Multi-Level

Who is this class for?  4-12 year olds who want to learn to love the story of our Savior's birth through acting it out for 4 weeks in a row, with a final performance at the showcase.

Cost:  Free!

Mentor(s):Vanessa Drake

Mentor Bio(s):  Hi! My name is Vanessa and I LOVE to learn. I especially love to learn about history, our Savior and His creations, and how to care for the amazing bodies God has given us. I collect books, fruit trees, ancestors on my family tree and nativities. Thus far I have one from Hawaii, Mexico, Jerusalem...and a couple probably made in China, hah! I have discovered through homeschooling my 7 children that I love to teach! I would love to have your children along on my learning adventures.

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