Sword of Freedom

Description:Did you love Key of Liberty? Then, you will love Sword of Freedom! Get ready to join the North and South as we delve into one of the most interesting periods of our nation’s history: the Civil War Era and Reconstruction--where brother fought against brother and our nation was nearly torn apart. In this class, Practice Scholar students will learn the character traits of great statesmen and see how our nation's founding principles were tested, sifted, and refined. Students who choose to meet the requirements to earn the award for this class will be presented with a full-scale replica of a Civil War Sword.

Phase. What phase is this class designed for? If you are unsure, please ask a board member.Practice-Scholar

Who is this class for?Ages 14+; It is highly recommended students have taken Key of Liberty or similar study before taking this class. A basic understanding of the Constitution and founding of America will be helpful in receiving the full benefit of this class. This is a higher level practice scholar class (a step up from Key of Liberty), which means the students are practicing on an even deeper level the skills needed to become a scholar.

Cost:$ 120 plus the cost of books. Approximately $ 20.00 goes toward a Kepi for each student that they wear each class period and are awarded pins for based on their “rank advancements.” Approximately $ 60.00 of this goes toward a full scale replica of a Civil War Sword that is awarded for fulfilling the requirements of this class. The remaining money will go toward other classroom costs and outside activities-including a student binder. If the sword is not earned, the money that would go toward the sword will be split up between the mentors to use for training, time spent mentoring, etc.

Mentor(s):Lead Mentor: Kami Harris
Additional Mentors: Rachel Crumpley & Jenny Grover

Mentor Bio(s):Kami Harris:
Hi! I’m Kami Harris--mother of four wonderful children and wife of my best friend, Dustin. I love seeking out TRUTH and better ways of being and thinking. I seek to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I love MENTORING and studying principles of LIBERTY. My hobbies include reading, singing, playing the piano, cooking whole food dishes, making cards, exercising, spending time with my family, and creating lessons. I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education, but have found I truly love mentoring Practice Scholar Phase. It is my niche! I love to watch the transition that happens in youth between the Love of Learning phase through this HUGE period of growth. I’ve mentored many Practice Scholar classes at iFamily. I’ve homeschooled for sixteen years and have been here since iFamily’s creation. I am passionate about our vision of growing scholars and take my commitment as a mentor at iFamily seriously in helping this ideal be realized in the lives of each of the youth I have a part in mentoring. My life has been greatly enriched by each of my associations with those I have mentored, those I mentor with, and the moms and dads who make up this incredible community.

Rachel Crumpley:
My name is Rachel Crumpley and I am unapologetically a Bible-thumping, gun-toting, homeschooling mother and wife. Tyler and I began homeschooling about 9 years ago and life just keeps getting better. Each one of our 5 children is a testament that God still performs miracles in the lives of men and the 2 adult children (in-law) we have added to our family this year are evidence that He answers our heartfelt prayers. I love warm chocolate chip cookies, C.S. Lewis, quiet walks along the beach, reading, lemon curd with pretzels, Cary Grant movies, red toenails, geraniums, the color yellow and writing, writing, writing. I've discovered the beauty of truth and the joy of learning. I revel in the wonder of words, their sound and flavor and the way they fit together and roll off my tongue. I believe in forgiveness, laughter and eating my vegetables first (and then I get chocolate!). I am so excited to share my love of American history with you this year in Sword of Freedom.

Jenny Grover:
Hi! I'm Jenny Grover. I'm so excited to co-mentor Sword of Freedom with Kami and Rachel! History has always been one of my favorite subjects. I'm fascinated by the stories and lessons learned from people and their communities. I especially love our country's history! It's intriguing because it's built from millions of individual stories and decisions. Decisions, whether good or bad, that have changed lives, communities and ultimately our country. Our decisions and actions have the power to alter future generations too. I'm excited to dive into these stories and learn from the outcomes together!

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