The Light Course: Shedding light on Emotional Peace for Moms

Description:For so many moms, discovering the recipe for real, lasting, emotional peace is illusive. We want fun and connection in our relationships. We want to know the truth about what is happening when we (or our kids) feel hi-jacked by our emotions and we yearn for more joy and ease in family life and in our mothering efforts. The Light Course is a 12 week program that illuminates the truths that govern each of these areas of family life and teaches the truth about lasting emotional peace. It helps moms see the patterns they live, the beliefs that guide these patterns and how to see and then live consciously and in alignment with the recipe or pattern or real, emotional peace.

Phase. What phase is this class designed for? If you are unsure, please ask a board member.Adult

Who is this class for?This class is for adults. It's particularly for mothers but any adult is welcome.

Cost:$ 100

Mentor(s):Liz Simmons

Mentor Bio(s):Liz Simmons is a long time student and seeker of emotional peace. She certified in 2020 as an Incite Life Coach and has gone on to create and author her own material in The Light Course. She has mentored under Arbinger trained therapist, Chris Wallace, PhD, and has come to experience the fruits of the principles she teaches. One of her missions is to teach mothers these truths so they can experience peace in themselves, in their marriages and with their kids, to experience a greater portion of love at home. She's thrilled to offer this course to her dear friends at iFamily.

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