The Wide World of Science

Description: Do you like to watch the moon at night? Do you like to watch things bubble? Did you ever notice patterns in rocks and shells? Have you ever wondered what makes you sick and what makes you better? All of this is science. In this class we will be talking about all different types of science. We will learn how to ask questions about what we see. We will do hands-on science experiments to see if we can find the answers! Come with us and discover the wide world of science!

Phase:  Love-Of-Learning

Who is this class for?  This class is for kids ages 9-11 who are interested in science! This is for kids who not only like to do experiments, but are ready to understand a little about why things work the way they do. This class is the best fit for kids who are ready to sit through a mini-lecture before doing the science activities.

Cost:  $ 35

Mentor(s): Karami Crandall and Lois Draper.
Karami is the lead teacher

Mentor Bio(s):  Hi, I am Karami Crandall. I have been married for 23 years to the love of my life, Kevin. Parenting is our greatest love and challenge. We are blessed to have the opportunity to raise 6 amazingly wonderful and unique children. We live in Shelley with our goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, cows, cats and horse. My passions are writing (journal, lists, books, poems), reading children’s books to my kids, cooking vegetables, geography, traveling, and family time. I am learning how to garden (flowers and vegetables) and play the guitar. I am a firm believer in budgeting (time and money), reading exceptional literature, and mud rooms. I feel like homeschooling for me began the day our oldest son was born 21 years ago. But I am starting my 13thofficial year of homeschooling. Every year is a new adventure and an opportunity to see God’s hand in the lives of my children. I am happy to learn with you this year!
Hello all! I am Lois Draper. My family consists of my best friend and husband of 16 years, Robert, and our spunky sassy 4 children. My passions are family, travel, learning and food! Any combo of these things makes me happy. I am passionate about science and understanding the way things work. Come and learn, discover, understand and apply the basics of science in our lives!

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