Worldviews and YOU!

Description:Competing worldviews are everywhere. They are propagated on the newsstands, played out at the United Nations, in the halls of Congress, and throughout our university system. When we consider the tug-of-war between and among worldviews that rages in America and around the world, we tend to think of the battle mostly in terms of political and ethical issues, but this battle for the minds and hearts of people encompasses much more than politics and ethics. It determines the way we think and act about theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, psychology, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history. This collection of convictions is what we call a worldview. It is the arena of worldviews that one of the greatest battles of our time is now being waged. Come and join us for an in-depth study of seven different worldviews: Secular Humanism, Marxism/Leninism, Cosmic Humanism, Postmodernism, Islamic, Biblical Christianity, and YOURS! We will be reading Understanding the Times along with a wide variety of literature and other books, discussing our readings, studying current news articles, participating in frequent simulations, writing papers, and most importantly, helping each student discover what their own worldview is based on their Core Book(s) in each of those ten areas. This class will enable students to better understand the world around them and how they can find common ground with people of differing worldviews, which will greatly increase their ability to be effective and impact the world for good.

Phase. What phase is this class designed for? If you are unsure, please ask a board member.Apprentice-Scholar

Who is this class for?This class is appropriate for Apprentice Scholar or Self-Directed Scholar youth who are ready to discuss big ideas and dive deep into their own worldview. We will be delving deeply into each of the above-mentioned worldviews, reading a 500+ page book, reading a book from each of the worldviews, studying current news articles, having thorough discussions on both, participating in frequent simulations, writing weekly papers, and submitting a final project on each worldview.

Cost:$ 80

Mentor(s):Tracy Ward - lead mentor, Jennifer Anderson - co-mentor

Mentor Bio(s):I'm Tracy, wife to Richard and long-time homeschooling mama to kiddos from 25-13. I'm passionate about learning, liberty, and laughter. I love kayaking, camping, cycling, reading, writing, mental and physical health, organizing huge events, and mentoring youth. Everyday I try to connect with heaven, cultivate joy in myself, and spread joy to others. Deep discussions of powerful ideas fill my soul. Sometimes I remember to make dinner and take out my contacts, but don't count on it.

I’m Jennifer Anderson, married to my best friend, Cody, for 25 years and mom to 8 amazing souls. We have homeschooled from the birth of our oldest and continue today. I love the family culture and the relationships that homeschooling has helped us create and nourish. I have mentored or co-mentored many classes at iFamily over the last 11 years, several of which have been for scholar age youth. I love children and youth and I am passionate about teaching. I LOVE learning about almost anything, but especially about freedom and liberty, all things herbs, gardening, mothering, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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