Description:  If you are feeling the itch to study hard, learn from great men and women, and take your writing and speaking to a whole new level, it is time to WUBA! This class is based on the LEMI Quest 1 & 2 Apprentice Scholar class and is designed for students willing to MAKE commitments to a mentor, KEEP those commitments, and DESIRE TO GROW their capacity to read, write, speak, and think. We will read biographies, critically evaluate documents, discuss history, philosophies, and human nature, and learn to think on our feet to express our ideas. Each student will work with a Writing Coach to develop the skills of research, revision, and persuasive writing for impact. I love teaching Apprentice Scholar classes and am skilled at guiding youth to the next level in their growth as scholars. This will be my third time mentoring this class and I have learned much the previous two times. I have redesigned it with more writing and speaking instruction that will break down these skills into bite-size chunks so my students will be able to learn do-able skills each week and build on them until they are able to write and speak with excellence. It is a lot of work for the students AND is also a ton of fun. I LOVE WUBA! Let's Wake Up and Be AWESOME!

Phase:  Apprentice-Scholar

Who is this class for?  This class is designed for Apprentice Scholars who are willing to make and keep commitments to themselves and their mentor, put in 15-25 hours per week of study time, and desire to grow their skills in reading, speaking, writing, thinking, and discussing. A general age range would be 15-18 years old.

Cost:  $ 80 + cost of books, binder, and Writing Mentor

Mentor(s):  Tracy Ward

Mentor Bio(s):  I’m Tracy, wife to Richard and long-time homeschooling mama to 4 kiddos from 24-12, and am passionate about learning, liberty, and laughter. I love kayaking, camping, reading, writing, organizing huge events that change the world for good, and mentoring youth. Every day I try to connect with heaven, cultivate joy in myself, and spread joy to others. Deep discussions of powerful ideas fill my soul. Passion should have been my middle name and statesmanship is one of my favorite things to learn about and share with others – I’m silly excited to go on this learning adventure this semester!

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