Nominating Committee Policy

The President shall form a Nominating Committee of three members. One of these committee members, by Board approval, will be appointed as the Head of the Committee. This Committee will be comprised of individuals that understand and support the vision and mission of iFamily Leadership Academy. Current board members are permitted to serve as part of this Committee.  The President, or another board member selected by the President, will attend meetings of the Nominating Committee.  If current board members are selected to serve on the Committee, one of these board members will serve as a liaison between the remaining iFamily Board and the Nominating Committee.  If the Nominating Committee does not have a member who is currently serving on the board, a liaison from the board will attend the Nominating Committee meetings.  Since the board member will not be an official member of the Nominating Committee, however, she will not have the power to vote within the Committee.

The Nominating Committee will be formed sixty (60) days before the annual membership meeting where elections for board members will take place. The iFamily Board may accept or call for nominations at any time before or after forming the Nominating Committee compiling a list of potential nominees that will be taken into consideration by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will be responsible to seek for potential candidates who understand and will promote the vision and mission of iFamily. Not all nominees will necessarily be considered candidates for election to the Board.  This decision will be left to the discretion of the Nominating Committee, who will reach such decisions by a majority vote of the Committee. While the Board reserves the right to advise and offer counsel to the Nominating Committee, the final ballot will be the sole responsibility of the Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee will meet within two weeks of being formed and shall compile a list of possible candidates to serve on the iFamily Board. Using this list, the Nominating Committee will begin contacting each potential nominee immediately (or generally within one week of their first meeting) and inform these individuals of their nomination and explain the responsibilities and duties of each applicable Board position, as outlined in iFamily Leadership Academy Bylaws. Potential nominees will be given one week to respond and inform the Committee if they will accept or decline the nomination. At the end of this time frame if the potential nominees have not responded, the Committee will contact them to get a definite answer. The Nominating Committee will report these results to the President or to the board member who has been appointed as liaison to the current iFamily board.

At this time, if individuals have not been found to accept nominations, either the President (or the appointed board member who is attending Nominating Committee meetings) or the head of the Nominating Committee will initiate another meeting of the Nominating Committee to brainstorm more names for potential candidates. These potential nominees will be informed of their nomination immediately and will have the responsibilities and duties of each position explained to them as stated above. Potential nominees will then have one week to inform the Nominating Committee if they accept or decline the nomination, and the Committee will follow the same procedure as mentioned above. The Nominating Committee may repeat this process until an adequate ballot of nominees is acquired.  An adequate ballot is defined as a ballot with at least one nominee for each open position.

At the annual member meeting, where elections are held, the following protocol will be followed.  If only a single nominee is found for each open position, a paper ballot will not need to be administered to the general membership.  Instead, a member of the Nominating Committee will ask for a sustaining motion for each nominee.  In the case that multiple nominees are found for any board position, a paper ballot will be administered to the general membership for a vote.  Once the ballots have been collected, members of the Nominating Committee will tally the ballots and report the results to the iFamily President or Presiding Officer at the membership meeting. If the President is not in attendance, the Presiding officer would be the iFamily Vice President.  If neither the President nor Vice-President are in attendance, the presiding officer is whomever the President appoints from the current iFamily Board.  In the event that any or all of the members of the Nominating Committee are nominated for this ballot or if all of the members of the Nominating Committee are unable to attend the meeting, the iFamily President or Presiding Officer will select three members in attendance, whose names are not on the ballot currently being decided, to tally the votes and report to the President or Presiding Officer.

After the current election is held the Nominating Committee will be dissolved.