Process to Become a Class Mentor

1. One must promote the vision and mission of iFamily.

2. One must submit a “Class Proposal Form” to the Board of Directors in the manner outlined by the current Board.

3. The Mentor Coordinator reviews the forms and provides suggestions for strengthening the class to the proposed mentor.

4. Once all the forms have been finalized, the Board confidentially ranks them based on the Vision and Mission of iFamily Leadership Academy and the needs of the iFamily membership.

5. Classes are then selected by their perceived quality and excellence, space and need by a majority vote of the board.

6. The Vice-President and Mentor Coordinator will then schedule the classes and rooms for the semester with input from the other three Board members.

7. The schedule is then submitted to the Board for approval by majority vote.

8. Once qualifications are met and the class is approved, the title of Class Mentor is theirs for the current semester along with the rights and duties of a Class Mentor.