Refund Policy

Member Fees are due at the time of registration, during the registration window as specified by the board and included on the calendar and in other communications.  Member Fees may be paid on the website through PayPal, or a check may be mailed to our P.O. Box. Cash will not be accepted.  All payments will need to be received during the registration window for members to be eligible to apply for classes.  Members that have not submitted the membership agreement form AND paid member fees are not eligible to apply for classes, and will not receive the information needed to access class pages.

Member situations may change,  members may apply for a refund in the first two weeks of the semester if they decide not to attend.  They are required to apply for a refund by submitting the Withdrawal and Refund Request Form.   As soon as it is verified that they are not attending, a refund will be issued.

If a member is found purposely abusing this policy and applying for classes without filling out appropriate forms and paying fees and/or causing problems for mentors, the board will determine if a withdrawal of member privileges is appropriate.