Visitor Policy

We welcome you to visit, check out how we do things and come and meet some of the families and mentors.  The environment at iFamily is pretty relaxed and we’re a pretty welcoming bunch.

Some things to keep in mind:

1.  It is up to the individual mentors if they allow your children to visit their class, and we recommend contacting them ahead of time.  We have awesome mentors that are very welcoming and helpful, please be considerate.  You do not have to attend classes to visit, feel free to walk around to see how things work and visit with other families.

2.  We have a table there at Christ Community Church with some information, but we don’t have an official office with people there to help.  It is common for our Board of Directors to be busy teaching classes at least part of the day. If we’re not available, we’ve found that our members are very helpful.

3.  If you have questions before you come, you can contact us.